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Vision and Award-Winning Design: Unveiling the Inspiration Behind Silk Blooms

Updated: May 14

The driving force behind Cherinadded is the innovative combination of three distinct materials to craft something unique, something that embodies both functionality and movement. Our designs consistently feature the circular shape as the key design element, an homage to the timeless and universal symbol of unity and wholeness.

At Cherinadded, we take great pride in our standout design, Silk Bloom, which draws its inspiration from the pioneering concepts of Vladimir Tatlin. As the trailblazer of the collage technique in fine arts, Tatlin fearlessly explored uncharted territories, never settling for mere imitation but continuously seeking new shapes and expressions. He bravely challenged the confines of wall-mounted canvases, envisioning a dynamic space where art could interact with the viewer. His audacious vision deeply resonated with us, and we sought to embody his philosophy in our own work. Despite facing opposition, he firmly held on to his conviction that art should not be a mere act of plagiarism, but rather, it should incessantly seek new shapes, new expressions. He had a daring vision to liberate art from the constraints of wall-mounted canvases, bringing it into the dynamic space of the viewer. Tatlin experimented with a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and glass, and conceived the idea of art as something "hanging" – a notion that naturally leads to the concept of "dynamism." His audacious approach resonated with me profoundly, and I sought to embody his philosophy in my work.

The Silk Bloom brooch is a direct tribute to Tatlin's vision. Its design breaks away from traditional conventions, as if the brooch is defying gravity, floating in mid-air. This is art that is not merely to be observed but interacted with, it "hangs for movement." By blending three types of materials, we've imbued the Silk Bloom brooch with a distinctive identity that tells a story—a story of innovation, audacity, and meticulous craftsmanship. It's a testament to the ethos of Cherinadded: We're not just creating accessories; we're bringing to life new chapters in the evolving narrative of art and designs

Similarly, the allure of the enigmatic artist Yayoi Kusama captivated our creative spirits. Her journey began in childhood as a means to escape the realities of life and express the visions that danced in her mind. Recurring patterns of dots filled her visions, and these dots became an obsession that allowed her to merge with the world beyond reality. This profound connection to personal experiences and emotions inspired us at Cherinadded to create designs that evoke positive emotions and convey meaningful messages. Kusama's childhood encounter of seeing flowers transform into dots amidst a flower field, despite its initial scare, ignited a unique signature style incorporating polka dots into her art. In a beautifully intertwined connection, Cherinadded's Silk Bloom brooch finds its roots in the psychology of shapes and human perception. Just as Kusama's polka dots hold deep personal significance, our circular elements reflect our distinct style and creative vision. We believe that an artist's personal experiences leave an indelible mark on their creative process, leading to the birth of exceptional and distinctive works of art.

Our primary aim is to redefine art—to make it accessible, comprehensible, and affordable, a daily source of inspiration for everyone. We admit, there are artworks, especially some paintings, that are challenging to grasp. Their complexity often hinders the inspirational connection that should exist between the art and the observer.

The studies in fine arts opened our vision to certain preconceptions that we found too restrictive. Both perfection and imperfection can birth art, as long as the "object" stirs the audience, provoking thought or emotion, it's art.

We dream of a world where the realms of art and design converge, which led Cherinadded to the concept of intensively studying and blending three types of materials. There's a certain allure inherent in each material, and we believe the techniques used in fine arts can be adapted innovatively in applied arts. It would be unfortunate if these techniques, often viewed as esoteric, were used in ways that most people couldn’t appreciate.

Our journey of inspiration doesn't end there. The thought-provoking installation Narcissus Garden, crafted by Yayoi Kusama in 1966, left a lasting impression on Cherinadded's design approach. The installation, featuring 1,300 stainless-steel mirror balls, ingeniously compelled viewers to confront their vanity and ego by reflecting their own images. Kusama's bold and interactive approach to art has inspired numerous artists, including Cherinadded, who endeavors to create designs that stir emotions and convey profound messages. Reflective surfaces, such as mirrors and metallic finishes, gracefully find their way into Cherinadded's creations, including the Silk Bloom brooch. This unique piece artfully incorporates hand-painted ceramics and Thai silk tassels, resulting in an elegant and reflective finish that captures the essence of artistic depth.

Our dedication to artistic vision and our award-winning Silk Bloom design demonstrate our commitment to creating jewelry that speaks from the soul. Embracing the legacies of visionaries like Tatlin and Kusama, we endeavor to craft pieces that resonate with profound emotions and leave a lasting impact on the hearts of those who wear them. Step into our artistic world and witness the fusion of creativity, passion, and inspiration that embodies every Cherinadded creation.

AUTHOR : Safen Roy

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