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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Cherinadded is a handcrafted jewelry and accessories brand made by Thai-craftsmen. We have renewed our commitment to promoting wholesome design, continuing its philosophy of creating unique designs by combining three primary materials : ceramic, brass and silk. The essence of  Cherinadded lies in the philosophy of "adding" - each unique piece of fine jewelry and accessory we craft contribute value and meaning to life. Our inspiration stems from the commonplace, the beauty hidden within the mundane and everyday experiences.

Our design studio is a realm where traditional dances with creativity. Drawing from the vibrant heritage of Thai arts and crafts, we constantly challenge the boundaries of the possible. The marriage of diverse materials such as ceramic, brass and Thai silk in our creations is a testament to our cultural identity, resonating with global audiences.

Our logo, a medley of circles in varying shapes and colors, embodies the completeness and influences of everyday life, echoing our ethos of finding extraordinary beauty in ordinary simplicity. Informed by the belief that our surrounding profoundly influence us, Cherinadded revels in the simple beauty of circular shapes and colors, symbols of completeness, and everyday influence. We aim to enrich lives through our artistic vision.

Our mission is to inspire and empower through deceptively simple yet potent designs. Every individual deserves the joy of "adding" to their lives, a sentiment reflected in our name and embodied in the dynamism and evolution suggested by the the circles in our logo. At Cherinadded, we believe in the transformative power of design to evoke inner contentment and empowerment. Our creations aim to amplify the exterior elegance of women, providing the boost of self-assurance that radiates inwardly, fostering inner well-being.


Our trademark


The brand's logo captures what Cherinadded stands for, using circles to represent completeness and adding to people's lives. We are passionate in adding value to the world is evident in every aspect of the brand, from its name to its logo and beyond. 


The logo is inspired by the idea of completeness represented by circles. From the daily necessities of life to the complete process of living, circles symbolize wholeness and utility. The logo incorporates a carefully curated combination of circles in shape and color, representing the brand's core values of adding to people's lives in a meaningful way. We believe everyone deserves to experience the joy of adding something to their life, which is reflected in the brand's name - Cherinadded. 

The circles in the logo are also a nod to the shape of the letters in the brand name. The circular shapes are meant to evoke a sense of movement and dynamism, suggesting that the brand is constantly evolving and growing.



CHERIN, founder & designer

As a designer, my perspective on art and design is deeply rooted in my personal experiences and my love for both fields. From my studies in fine art, I have come to appreciate the beauty and meaning that can be found in every object and subject of art, from the simplest still life to the most complex abstract expressionism. To me, art is a means of expressing emotions, ideas experiences through a visual medium, and it can take on many different forms and styles 

Design, on the other hand, is the process of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions to real-world problems. I believe there is a significant overlap between art and design, and that the two fields can complement each other in powerful ways, By incorporating artistic elements into their design principles to create work that is more accessible and functional for a wider audience.

One of my goal is to make fine art more accessible, more understandable, reachable and possible to interpret.  While fine art is considered to be the pinnacle of artistic expression, it is often seen as elitist and exclusive with limited access for the average person. I believe art should be for everyone, and that by incorporating artistic elements into functional design, we can create products and experiences that are both beautiful and accessible.

Our Team.

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